11/3/2016- Am I a total boy mom?

Today I had a meeting with my CPA Lisa. We got through our meeting early and she started asking if we knew the gender of our baby. I said not yet, but we had it in an envelope and we are going to reveal it November 12. 
She asked me what Anthony and I were hoping for. I said Anthony was hoping for a boy and I was hoping for a girl. 

She told me about how when she was younger she had always wanted girls and her sister always wanted boys. Well as it turned out… she ended up having 2 boys and her sister ended up having 2 girls. Funny how the world works right? 

Well now that their kids are teens she said she was SOOO grateful God blessed her with boys. She said when she’s around her nieces she realizes what a total boy mom she is. I said, what do you mean a boy mom? She said when I’m around my nieces they talk about boys, drama, shopping, makeup, blah blah they’re a lot of work. With my sons all I have to worry about is.. “did you shower and when’s the last time you changed your underwear” lol. 

When she said that I was like Oh God, I’m a total boy mom. When my little sister talks to me about girly stuff my eyes roll behind my head. 

Lisa says, yup sounds like you’re a total boy mom BUT let’s see what God thinks. He always knows best. 



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