Things we don’t want to forget about being pregnant with Baby Cejay – 3/1/2017

Things we don’t want to forget about being pregnant with Baby Cejay:


  • He kicks every night at 10 PM
  • He has big cheeks
  • How Reggie surprised me- it was the day of close of escrow for Fieldbrook Vanessa & Derek. We told JR & Joe same day Anthony found out. Reggie surprised me with a gift box of: baby charger shoes, 2 mugs Β (one that says new daddy & one that says new mommy) and the two positive pregnancy tests. The pregnancy tests were faint, so it looked like they were negative and I was kind of confused.
  • He kicks a lot when mommy eats ice-cream.
  • His animal is the rooster because he is born the year of the rooster. Also, we started trying to get pregnant April 2016 in Oahu, Hawaii where there were a lot of roosters. Then we went to Kauai for the baby moon where there were also a lot of roosters. We laughed about it in Kauai about how hopefully he’s not “cocky” and show offy like a rooster. Well Reggie said that. Anthony doesn’t mind if Cejay is flashy like him.
  • For the baby moon we went to Kauai
  • His expected due date is April 7, but Reggie feels like he is going to come earlier.



  • I found out I was pregnant because I was getting x-rays done for my back. Before they Β would do my x-ray they wanted me to take a pregnancy test. I did and it came back positive. That was July 28, 2016. I wanted to tell Anthony right away, but I couldn’t because he was so busy at work. I ended up leaving for the day and bought little gifts and told him as soon as he got home. We told JR & Joe the same day.
  • That same weekend we went to Mexico with a bunch of our closest friends. It was so hard not telling any of them. I ended up telling Christine & Gina.
  • That week after we ended up telling Michael.
  • My first trimester of pregnancy was pretty easy. I couldn’t eat anything unhealthy because it would make me queasy. I craved a lot of fruits especially pineapple and mango. Multiple times per week I would get a large mango-a-go-go from jamba juice and add peaches to it. The only time I got queasy is if I ate something bad, waited too long to eat or if I ate too much.
  • My second trimester my appetite got much closer to normal. I still couldn’t eat anything really bad like junk food or fried food. The things I craved mostly were In & Out Burgers and Sushi. I couldn’t have sushi so I just ate california rolls.
  • The third trimester my appetite got huge! I was hungry a lot more and ate a lot more. I didn’t get queasy at all really. In my third trimester is the first time I ate ice-cream while being pregnant and he went crazy. He loved it so much!
  • We went to Kauai for our baby moon. While we were there I first saw my stretch marks and had an emotional breakdown.
  • I didn’t have as many emotional breakdowns as I thought pregnant women had. One other time I had an emotional breakdown was because I didn’t really have too many cravings during pregnancy. This one eveningΒ I did. I REALLY wanted a medium rare steak, rice, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and a glass of red wine. Obviously I couldn’t have the red wine, but I wanted everything else. Anthony wasn’t there because he was at a networking event. I started crying on the way to the grocery store because I finally was experiencing the cravings and he wasn’t there to get it for me like in all those pregnancy stories- “I was craving a chocolate cake at 4 am and he went and got it for me”. I guess I was just sad that I was never going to be able to say that. It seems silly now.
  • He was really active after I ate and around 10 pm every night. In the third trimester he started kicking really hard and it hurt sometimes. Either way it made me happy because that was our way of bonding. πŸ™‚
  • When we got our heart beating bear from the ultrasound … I slept with it every night. It made me feel like I was cuddling my baby boy to sleep.