10/26/2016- The Power of Love

My cousin Maria told me the sweetest thing today… that she was thinking of me all day because I once told her something that will always stick with her. She said I touched her heart when things weren’t looking so well for her. I told her about the power of love and said I’m a hopeless romantic.

I touched someone’s heart when they were low just by talking about what I’m most passionate about…. love. The truth is I am a hopeless romantic. I’m a cheeseball. I love … love. I cry when I hear of people getting divorced and I pray that there’s still hope that they will fall in love again. To me, nothing is more powerful.

I remember my ex boyfriend used to get so annoyed at how much of a hopeless romantic I was. I used to hide one of my favorite most genuine and passionate parts about myself. Anthony loves my cheeseball self. As a matter of fact, he probably is just as much of a hopeless romantic as I am.

The point I’m trying to make is be yourself. Don’t hide your passions and your love for whatever it may be. Those genuine parts of yourself are what will inspire others who need it most when they’re down. They will carry words for a lifetime that come straight from your heart. It may even inspire them to keep going when they’re low. Be around people who empower and uplift you to be the best you. The best people will bring out the best in you and that only carries on to the next person you meet.
If I was still with my ex maybe I would’ve hid that part of myself… my cousin would’ve never heard the words that helped her get up and who knows where that could’ve lead. She said now her and her husband are best friends and that honestly brings tears to my eyes. I honestly wish that for everyone. I hope her love inspires other people and it never ends.